Best open mic 2013 Equinox, Street 278

Though open mics often focus on verbal skills such as poetry and comedy, the concept probably outdates the spoken language and once involved our hairy, large-foreheaded ancestors grunting melodiously for each other’s entertainment. As time went on, the tradition continued as a way for people to share their talents with peers in the absence of a fourth wall. Enough open mics have sprung up locally that they now outnumber days of the week, but Equinox – which now plays host to the monthly PP Punchliners comedy open mic – is The Daddy.
Runner up: Show Box

Best open mic 2014 1st: Equinox
Troy Campbell playing cardboard box
Troy Campbell
Open Mic Host/Drummer

Perhaps it’s the killer sound system, keenly watched over by veteran sound guru Anthony Mrugacz – the part-Texan/part-Polish proprietor who, if you’re really lucky (and so inclined), can occasionally be spotted draped over one of the upstairs sofas, near shirtless, enjoying a well-earned siesta. Perhaps it’s the never-less-than-epic line-up of Phnom Penh-based minstrels, including Conrad Keely, front man for the much revered US hard rock outfit And You Shall Know Us By The Trail Dead, and Sophie Rose, the city’s most rousing Irish songstress. Towering above them all, Andre Swart, a gentle South African giant, acts as a musical Sherpa second to none.
2nd: Show Box
3rd: Sharky Bar