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Authoritative History of one of Phnom Penh’s historic live music venues from 2007 until 2015

Slur Bar, Martini’s, and Sharky’s… where are their recorded histories?


There was fabulous nightlife before air-con, foo foo cocktails, and hard rock burgers for millenials, snowflakes, & punters.


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Funeral Service for Our Dear Friend Daniel

Hi all friends that known mr Daniel tomorrow is Saturday 1st December 2018 please join his funeral at sambour meas pagoda and bus leave at 3:00 pm please come at la croisette before 3:00 pm many thanks

Ex ExPat has new album out - Ziad with The Side Burns from Hong Kong

cartoon image man with gun and dog on a motorcycle in American West Route 69.

This is worth giving a listen as it captures some rootsy American sounds but actual roots in the Pacific Western Rim.

The Side Burns feature a long time expat in Phnom Peng, Ziad Samman, who now reside in Hong Kong.

Viva the Side Burns!

Scoddy puts down the Telecaster and returns with pen in hand!

The album is out now and available at:

worldwide/one night/bicycle-powered tour of Phnom Penh to launch my new volume "pepper and silk, honey and lime"

Three sets of rock'n'roll at the end and check out his new music website!

Choose your preferred venue and time! If you make it to all three there's probably a free drink in it for you."

Advertising graphic for Scott Bywater's poetry launch event July 13th, 2017
Scott Bywater = Poetry

BREAKING NEWS: International Hip Hop Star Releases New Album

Album cover picture of "A Look of Disgust" is now available from Internationally Renown GOBSHITE.

"A Look of Disgust" - The new album is now available for download from Internationally Renown Hip Hop Artist GOBSHITE.

This talented young hip hop artist often played Equinox and other venues around Cambodia. 

Well known for his stunning and poignant videos focusing on Cambodia and other parts unknown of Southeast Asia- this new album is soon to be a chart buster. Check it out here!