spoken word / electronica

Logo for Wash - members are Warren Daly, electronics, Dublin, Ireland.  Alex Leonard, electronics, Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Scott Bywater, poetry, Hobart, Australia.   Hal FX, guitar, UK.
spoken word/electronica

"WASH was a spoken word/electronica collaborative project between Warren Daly, Alex Leonard, Scott Bywater and Hal FX, with visual art by Chhan Dina and Adriana Snowkowska, established in the first half of 2013.  WASH performed their first work, Triptych in Phnom Penh on May 10 at Equinox.  A subsequent work, The Next Horizon, was performed at Equinox, on 25 September.  Each work was carefully structured and composed, but with plenty of space:  Warren and Alex created a bed of ambient sounds and atmospheres, with beats, bass lines and melodies; I read a text of poetry, some of it written specifically for the project; Hal used effected guitar for melodic and atmospheric elaboration."  Scott

"Man..just gutted that Audio Mainline never got to play there..but the WASH gig was very chilled out. Great vibe..thanks for planning the perfect ambient-lounge set up"  Hal

From their FB page:

Ambience Beats Guitars and Spoken Word. Ft: Warren Daly (Invisible Agent) Alex Leonard (Ebauche) Scott Bywater (Author) Hal Fx (Audio Mainline)