Latino Rock

Chino - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar Pavel - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals Ten - Bass Jorge - Percussion/Flutes/Charango/Backing Vocals Jed - Drums
Latino Rock


Since the start of Bacano, I had wanted to perform at Equinox. This bar/restaurant/event venue place on street 278 offered one of the best, if not, the best live music sound and experience in Phnom Penh. If you were part of a well-known band in the Phnom Penh's music community, one of your goals was to be able to perform at Equinox. We managed to do just that. Not once, but 7 times.

One my first introductions to Equinox was, taking part of their "Musician's Circle" where musicians could come together to jam to cover songs brought on by each performer. I also attended many concerts at Equinox. You knew it would be a good night when the staff boarded up the windows on the second floor with their colorful graffiti painted wooden panels indicating that a band would be 'tearing down' the house that night. Inside, General Manager and Sound Engineer ace, Anthony Mrugacz would be hard at work preparing the iconic stage full of lights and a well mic-up drum-set. Everything would go straight through his well trusted, at times temperamental P.A. mixer allowing a wide frequency sound with great dynamic range and clean acoustics to erupt from the speakers. On stage, monitors would guide the musicians into a tight and groove filled performance. As a bonus, and purely from Anthony's generosity, every band performing at Equinox would be able to take home a recording of their entire concert and at times also some video footage of the incredible night. Evidence of the audiences appreciation of the great sounds were generated by singing along, and dancing to the melodies of the band.

All of the 7 show Bacano had the honor of playing at Equinox were smoothly orchestrated thanks to the hard work of Anthony and the rest of the staff. For this we would like to thank them. There are memories that will forever remain.
Thank You Equinox!!  Sincerely,  Bacano